Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective College Students 


  • How difficult was it to adjust to the academic expectations of your professors?
  • Does the college have core requirements, classes all students must take?
  • Have you ever had a class taught by a teaching assistant (TA)?
  • Does it seem that the professors’ primary obligation is to teach or conduct research?
  • What is the overall stress level of students?
  • What is the typical class size?
  • Can students easily change majors?
  • Is it more common to study by oneself or in a group setting?


  • Can you describe the housing system?
  • Do freshmen live in one residence hall or are they scattered around campus?
  • When do students typically move off campus?
  • Does the college help students identify off campus housing opportunities?
  • How are roommate conflicts resolved?


  • Are there on campus jobs for students?
  • How easy is it to find a job off campus?
  • Do most students intern during their four years?  Does the college assist in this process?


  • What is the closest airport to campus and how long does it take to get there?
  • Does the college provide a shuttle to and from the airport?
  • Do many students have cars on campus?
  • Is there enough parking?
  • What study abroad options exist?  Where are some of the places your friends have gone?

On Campus Activities

  • What are the most popular/active clubs on campus?
  • Is Greek life available?  If so, is it the dominant community?
  • Describe a few of the major campus-wide events.


  • Do evening activities primarily occur on or off campus?
  • Are there social events without alcohol?
  • How prevalent is recreational drug use?


  • What are the most popular sports to attend?

  • Are students more likely to talk about a big basketball game or a guest lecturer?
  • What is the intramural athletics scene like?

Political Vibe

  • Is there a political bent among the student body?  If so, left or right?
  • During election years are federal and local issues hotly debated or is there an apolitical feel?